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This was Mike Kane's website, created to promote his short films and keep his fans updated on his most recent projects.
The content is from the site's 2004-2006 archived pages and other relevant outside sources..

My name is Mike Kane.

Hope you liked my creations. I've always been a big fan of animation and I've been pencil sketching since as long as I can remember. I've been doing computer animation since 1999.

My influences include Alex Ross, George Lucas, Stephen Spielberg, Walt Simonson, John Milton. There's more than that but these are the ones who have given me such memorable stories and images, that they are at the top.

Things I've worked on: 

  • INFILTRATION- Mike Kane, Kanefilms. Star Wars Fan Film (Completed 2003)
  • AVATAR: Origins - Mike Kane, Kanefilms. Original Animated Short (Completed 2003)
  • THE PREMONITION - Bankato, LTD. Star Wars Fan film. 3d animation for environments, the finalle, and animated stunts for the characters.
  • A RISING THREAT- Red Planet Productions. 3d animation and character animation


Star Wars: Infiltration



2005 Latest News

Solomon Kane The Return of Sir Richard Grenville

IMAGE: SKPageimage2.jpg

This is an independant, non profit, artistic expression. It is not endorsed by the owners of the Solomon Kane property rights nor is it meant to compete with or undermine any future material.

This short film is taken from the Solomon Kane poem "The Return of Sir Richard Grenville" by Robert E. Howard.

Though most prominently known for creating the genre now known as “Sword & Sorcery”, Howard’s body of work includes historical adventure, suspense, epic poetry, gothic horror, sea stories and Western burlesques in the vein of the great Mark Twain --- Taken from http://www.rehoward.com


Solomon Kane The Return of Sir Richard Grenville

Here is my latest film based on the Robert E Howard Character, Solomon Kane. "The Return of Sir Richard Grenville" is an almost word for word interpretation of the REH poem by the same name. And unlike the other movie versions of Howard's characters, (Conan, Red Sonja, and Kull), I did not re make any aspect of the character, going for the purest R.E. Howard vision that I could make into a short film.

A High five to all the forum members who helped me out on this too!!!

Solomon Kane at Kanefilms.com - http://www.kanefilms.com/SolomonKane

Shot with a Panasonic DVC-30p in 1 day.
Shot in the open, bluescreened all characters.
Every shot is made up of at least 3-6 layers for compositing.
Total cost was just under $900 for props, costumes, and set.

Lessons Learned:
1) Never shoot outside without more shade. Florida sun sure did reflect off the bluescreen giving the blue 'spill' on the actors.
2) Get more 'extra' shots of footsteps, closeups, and misc action for editing.
3) I need a better microphone.
4) I learned to refinish a sword after getting all scratched up....
5) Get creative with compositing to make 2 actors look like 15. (I had more actors, but only 2 showed up on the day of shooting)

I hope you like it.

Solomon Kane The Return of Sir Richard Grenville Credits

Written by Robert E Howard

Directed/Edited by Mike Kane

Michael Ellison
Rob Batie 
Evens Duplessy, Jr

Narration by: 
Andrew Bowyer http://www.abVoices.com

Original Music and Sound Mastering by Wolfgang Mittendorfer

Sound Design by Jodie Kupsco

Filming Crew:
Mike McCarthy
Shirley Kane
The Cuban Menace
Angel Martinez

Total Running Time: 3 minutes 59 seconds


YouTube Comments

cha5 1 year ago
Robert E. Howard would be proud. I'll take this superb film over that Hollywood film with the same character's name anytime. God I wish we had more fan films of this quality out there.


Ben Wilson 3 years ago
This was more enjoyable then the feature length film.


Chuck Norris 1 year ago
Wow! Gave me goosebumps! Well done and thank ye...


johnny redwood 1 year ago
Hey mike... I like the the film....we need to do another


Roy Thomas 2 years ago


ragvar 4 years ago
that was awesome make more if you can :-)


wina rhai 4 years ago
great, .solomon kane lookalike michael jackson. . . .but still great


diddymuck 4 years ago
looking forward to many many more works from these talented people.


diddymuck 4 years ago


eamon whitmore 4 years ago
the trailers make it look one badass film, when the british industry do a good horror it makes hollywood look pale in comparison.


PoetryETrain 4 years ago
Thank you Robert, added to a playlist...


beanoalbum1966 5 years ago
This is really lovely and has fantastic mood...!


Cheryl Elaine Williams 5 years ago
remembering REH


docfatalis100 5 years ago
Thank you guys for that. 
ScoobyTheSlayer 5 years ago
Very well made, well done to all involved


RamBam3000 5 years ago
Now I know who the depiction of Harry Dresden of the front of the books reminds me of - Solomon Kane! Brilliant! 


AryanBarbarian777 5 years ago
I love the concept of this. I've been a REH fan for years and knew his poetry would make excellent short narrative films if someone with talent would make them. I get chills every time Sir Richard Grenville speaks! 
spider9137 6 years ago
Lucas Knight did a better job on this film than Lionsgate did with the new Conan film. So sad ... The big Hollywood budget just gives us another missed opportunity ...  


westwass 6 years ago
My absolute fav REH hero. I love the attention to detail: rapier, flintlock, puritan clothing... and the cat-headed fetish staff! Made by a true fan with an excellent film makers eye. Well done.


talha bin shams 6 years ago
I need to find this on malifilmici.co.cc today, I LOVED this movie......... The actors, the story, it's funny and romantic, I dunno what I didn't like about this movie lol.
sreevatsan sreekanth 6 years ago
Every player in this fairy tale for adults drama, is grappling withthe external as well as the internal conflict of how to be true to one's Self.Beautiful acting by all. Strong, sensitive, insightful. It can be seen on kookíca. I was mesmerized from the beginning to The End.


unincorporated1 7 years ago
Awesome job guys... Seriously, BRAVO!!! I will subscribe, love to see updates from your channel.


Harlock2day 7 years ago
wow, did not expect that ! great work.



2004 Latest News

April 29, 2004 - ANNOUNCING, Avatar: Child of Peace is completed and ready to view.

April 28, 2004 - Two of my films have been selected for the 2004 Atomfilms Star Wars Fan Film competition. A Fan Letter and Funk'd are now Viewable at ATOMFILMS.COM

March 11, 2004 - I have completed a short Star Wars Spoof of a current TV campaign called "A Fan Letter"

Jan 29, 2004 - Both Infiltration and Funk'd will be playing at the 3rd Annual London Scifi Film Festival this weekend Jan 30-Feb 1st. If you are in the area, Come on out and support the films.

Jan 13, 2004 - I have completed On Your Potty. A short film for children based on the book from Candlewick Press.

Jan 4, 2004 - AVATAR: Torment The next chapter in the Avatar series is underway.

Dec 23, 2003 - I have completed another Star Wars Spoof called Funk'd. That Ashton guy over at MTV only wished he was as smooth as Boba Fett. See what happens when Fett tries to Funk Darth Vader!

Nov 6, 2003 - Finally, after months of delays and other excuses I'll come up with later...I am please to annouce Avatar: Origins is complete. Free to view online.

Nov 3, 2003 - I'm back. After the overwhelming respose I received from Infiltration, thanks to a frontpage story at CG Channel and exposure from theforce.net, I had 80 gigs of transfers in just a few hours. My ISP Shut me down until November. So now I'm looking for hosts and mirror's to help with the film.

And let me just say, I am so pleased with the response to Infiltration. Thank you to everyone who watched it.

Sept 30, 2003 -

I am pleased to annouce the completion of Infiltration, a computer animated, Star Wars Fan film. Plenty of action with my favorite characters from the Star Wars saga. I hope you enjoy it.

Sept 12, 2003 -

I've added works to the Pencil and Ink Gallery. The Avatar Film has had to return to Post for sound changes. I am very optimistic that the final product will come soon. Perhaps before the end of October. Look here for more news soon.

July 22, 2003 -

Just flying back from Comic-Con in San Diego. Excellent time. I was there to support the Start Wars Fan Film Awards and my entry >"Tie TV Spot". Well, I didn't come away with the top prizes, but I was thrilled by the audience's reaction to the clip of my animation that was playing during the awards.

Comic-Con 2003
San Diego, CA

Just a great time in San Diego and at Comic-Con 2003.

As you probably already know, I was out there to support the "Tie TV Spot" for the 2nd Annual Atomfilms' Star Wars Fan Film contest. I didn't come away with the top honors, but I came away with something better. During a montage of all the films, the audience roared and laughed to my clip. I might have received one the loudest reaction from the crowd during the montage when they saw the image of Boba Fett dancing in the spoof of the Mitsubishi commercial. Those few seconds of laughter from the fans and the other directors/creators meant more to me than that trophy.

While there I had the opportunity to meet many of the other artists. Trey (Pink Five) and John (Jedi Hunter) were great guys and very fiendly, and I hope to meet them again next year. I spoke with and was interviewed by Dave Gross from Star Wars Insider. I met Steve Sunsweet from Lucasfilm and many others.

The Awards Ceremony, which took place on the first day of Comic-Con at 8:30, was a spectacular event. It was hosted by Jeremy Bulloch, best known as Boba Fett, who struck everyone as a gentleman and an all-around nice guy with his cordial and friendly demeanor. The ceremony opened with a captivating montage of all the short films, setting a celebratory tone for the evening. The awards were then presented, and each winner’s film was viewed, giving a spotlight to the talented creators. Attendees were encouraged to visit Atomfilms to see all the results.

Adding a touch of elegance to the event, some of the awards given to the winners were not just symbolic plaques but also included beautifully crafted sterling silver rings. These rings, commissioned especially for the occasion, were engraved with iconic imagery from the films being honored, making them unique pieces of elegant jewelry that complemented the prestige of the awards.

The ceremony also featured an uproarious performance titled "The Star Wars Trilogy in 30 minutes." This live act was both hilarious and entertaining, with the performers earning a well-deserved standing ovation at the end of the show.

In the jubilant atmosphere that followed, we all congratulated each other and basked in the joy of the moment. It was more than just an awards ceremony; it was a celebration of the community and the art that brings us together.

Over the subsequent days at Comic-Con, I immersed myself in the festivities. I attended the Kevin Smith Q&A, although I sadly missed the chance to meet him due to the cap on his autograph line.

I did, however, get the opportunity to meet Neal Adams, a legend in his own right. From him, I acquired an autographed Conan Lithograph. His warm and genuine pleasure at meeting fans reminded me of the graciousness we had witnessed at the awards.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Randy Bowen. His dedication to his fans was remarkable. I watched in awe as some fans presented their entire collections of Bowen pieces, and he graciously signed each one. I had my symbiote Spider-Man statue signed by him, a memento now enhanced by his personal touch, and even managed to get a photo.

The Artist's Alley was a treasure trove of talent, where I picked up some exceptional art and had the chance to meet both traditional and digital artists. The costumes on display were remarkable, some of which I captured in photos to share.

My wife and I had an unforgettable experience, and the anticipation for next year’s Comic-Con is already building. With the memories of sterling silver awards and the elegance of the evening's jewelry and art, this year's event will be a tough act to follow.


Latest Projects

On your Potty is a short animation based on the children's book of the same name by Virginia Miller.

This short was created for my children, I think yours might like it also.

Funk'd is a Star Wars/Punk'd Spoof where Boba Fett is the Prankster and Vader is his Target. Just wait until you see what happens to the Lord of the Sith!

ATOMFILMS Star Wars Fan Film Finalist 2004

View Funk'd on ATOMFILMS
If you would like a DVD of the film, please contact me at mikekane@kanefilms.com
Directed/Animated/Edited by Mike Kane
Most models provided by the Artists at Scifi3d.theforce.net

Total Running Time: 3 minutes 58 seconds
Those folks over at MTV only wish they were as smooth and cool and Boba Fett! And only Fett can pull a stunt on Darth Vader. Watch what happens when the Lord of the Sith is next in line to get Funk'd!

Total animation and modeling time was (roughly) 25 hours not including render time.
I provided all the voices and music for the comedy spoof.
Thanks for your support.
Thanks for Watching!!

Those folks over at MTV only wish they were as smooth and cool and Boba Fett! And only Fett can pull a stunt on Darth Vader. Watch what happens when the Lord of the Sith is next in line to get Funk'd!

Total animation and modeling time was (roughly) 25 hours not including render time.

I provided all the voices and music for the comedy spoof.

Thanks for your support.

Thanks for Watching!!

A fully animated, independent short film. Created, written, and animated by Mike Kane. Featuring an original score by composer Derek Devore.


Avatar: Origins is a computer animated fantasy. A tribute to old heroes and tales of adventure.

Its a MOV 320x240 with IMA 4:1. 60 megs large. If you have any trouble watching the film, make sure you have the latest quicktime viewer from www.quicktime.com.

Directed/Animated/Edited by Mike Kane
Written by Mike Kane
Music by Derek Devore http://www.derekdevore.com
Sound Engeneering by Andy Lee Robinson http://www.haveland.com

Total Running Time: 13 minutes 16 seconds

The power of the soul in in each of us, but only a precious few discover it exists.

This first installment, of what I hope will be an ongoing series, tells the story of the Avatar of Hope, his origin, his first battle, and his first experience of his true power.

The film was animated using 3dStudio Max 4.2 and edited in Vegas Video 4.0. Total animation and modeling time was (roughly) 180 hours not including render time. There are several stories that I could tell about the production of the short, some good and some not so good. But here is the end result: a cgi fantasy stylized after Silver Age comics and the Heroes that introduced me to adventure stories.

The soundtrack was written by a very talented and imaginative composer, Derek Devore. He has a long list of credits to his name and I was very fortunate to have him work on this project.

Andy Haveland-Robinson, another very talented artist came in to handle the sound effects and mixdowns for me. He worked magic on much of the dialogue and he was a great addition to the team.

The Avatar of Hope will return in the next installment called "Avatar: Torment". Already in production, I hope to have this completed by Fall of 2004 with excellent sound and improved animation.

Thanks for your support.

If you keep watching them, I'll keep making them.


A Star Wars Fan Film


ATOMFILMS Star Wars Fan Film Finalist 2004

If you have any trouble watching the film, make sure you have the latest quicktime viewer from www.quicktime.com.
If you would like a DVD of the film, please contact me.

Directed/Animated/Edited/Music/Vader's Voice Mike Kane
Thanks to Martin Garnier and http://scifi3d.theforce.net
Total Running Time: 45 seconds

A STAR WARS Spoof of the TV campaign for a certain company that uses celebrities to read fan mail on the air. I always like the simplicity and the blue and black colors for this campaign .